Using Pierre Bourdieu’s Theory of Practice to Holistically Profile Online Learners

Pengiran Shaiffadzillah Pengiran Omarali

University of Manchester, United Kingdom



This research profiled online learners to determine their characteristics, learning styles and digital literacy using a survey instrument framed around Bourdieu’s Theory of Practice. The study identified discernible factors, establishing learners as representing distinctive habitus types, consequently informing educators on how to cater to their dispositions, a balancing act that Bourdieu refers to as hysteresis.


Academic Profile

Shaiffadzillah Omarali received his B.A. degree in Education from Universiti Brunei Darussalam in 2005, and his M.A. degree in Educational Technology and TESOL from the University of Manchester in 2008. He is currently undertaking a Ph.D. in Education with the University of Manchester where his research focuses on the pragmatic implementation of online. He is an officer under the Ministry of Education Brunei with recent tenures including 8 years as an educator and 2 years as the Executive Personal Officer to the Minister of Education. He is also a web developer and programmer. Due to his background in teaching, management and technology, he advocates for a utilitarian approach to online learning research and implementation by educators and policy-makers.